Siege Barracks – Ultimate 3-Star Guide by Sir Moose Gaming

There’s a BOSS in town…the Siege Barracks, it’s amazing and it’s reinventing TH11-TH13 attack strategies. In this Ultimate 3-Star Guide we’ll look at the best ways to use your Siege Barracks to smash your opposition = 3 Stars KABOOOOM! Here’s the step by step guide on how to use your Siege Barracks to get that 3-Stars!

Siege Barracks & Ground Attacks

There are 2 main ways you can utilise this amazing strategy and we’ll cover each below. Feel free to use whatever army composition you wish, although so far most attacks use some sort of PEKKA Smash, typically:

5 x Healers / 5 x PEKKA / 10 Bowlers / 1 x Jump Spell / 4 x EQ Spells.

Main Army Support

This first strategy is ideally suited to typical War Bases (see image below) with the Town Hall on the edge of the base, these bases should be easy pickings to this strategy. In this example we 3 Star a top war base!

Let's 3-Star this Top War Base - Siege Barracks – Ultimate 3-Star Guide
Let’s 3-Star this Top War Base

Remember as your siege choice will be the Siege Barracks,you’ll need either a Jump Spell or 4 x Earthquake Spells (or both) to break into the base. You’ll have to follow these steps before calling in your Siege Barracks.


Yes, it’s funnel time, our favorite part of the day! Build your funnel carefully and take your time, if you don’t get this right the whole attack might fail. Seriously guys…practice!

Setting the funnel. - Siege Barracks – Ultimate 3-Star Guide

Jump / Earthquake (EQ)

Once your funnel is set, we need to get your troops into the base, they won’t just float into the base via osmosis,so we need to either use a Jump Spell or 4 x Earthquakes (or both). In this example we use a Jump Spell to gain access to the Town Hall compartment and then 4 x EQ to open up the base (white circle on picture)…KABOOOOOM!

Deploying the Siege Barracks behind the main army. - Siege Barracks – Ultimate 3-Star Guide
When to use the Siege barracks

Air Support

Now is the time! Yes now the funnel is set and we have access to the base it’s time to call in the Siege Barracks directly behind the main attack, don’t wait too long, you’ll want to call in the Siege Barracks as soon as your troops have started pouring into the base.

Siege Barracks – Ultimate 3-Star Guide
The Funneling pays off!

Level 4 Siege Barracks gives you 1 x PEKKA and 12 Wizards…this is HUGE and gives you approximately 25% more troops which is why this attack strategy is crushing TH13! I suggest after reading this article you check out the YouTube link to see top players using this strategy in action.

Watch this strategy in action in the video below.

It’s FUNNEL Time

Next let’s look at another amazing way to use the Siege Barracks.

This second strategy is easier to use and supports your attack by taking the hassle out of funneling. Most bases are set up to make funneling a nightmare. With the Barracks you’ll be able to clear virtually a whole side of the map, it makes things SO much easier!

Again… Setting the funnel is key.

Siege Barracks & Air Troops – Keep it SIMPLE!

This step is simple, decide where making a funnel will be of most benefit…in this case we’re taking down a Legend League Base with Dragons, so I want to clear one corner enabling the Dragons to stay within the main base. Remember a funnel needs 2 sides! With a PEKKA and 12 Wizards you’ll be able to clear a large section of the map don’t be afraid to support the Siege Barracks with a Hero or some of your army if required.

That’s it…one stage, just make an AWESOME funnel as below and go get those 3 Stars!

Make sure your funnel is set.
Make sure your funnel is set.
The 3-Star!
You did it!

Watch this strategy in action below.

Remember to follow Sir Moose Gaming on his YouTube Channel if you’d like to see these awesome attacks and more in action with Sir Moose.

This Siege Barracks 3-Star Guide was written by Sir Moose Gaming

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