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This guide on how to Defend Meta Attacks at Th13 was written by Champ Bases Pro Builder, damoose95.


You can’t defend everything, but you can make everything hard to do. So build bases that fit your opponents if you can. If you play against Clans that are known for air attacks, then focus on defending that the most. If you play against teams that mostly use ground attacks, then plan for defending that. Force them to do something they are not comfortable with, or beat them at their own game. This guide should be used to help you plan Th13 bases that help defend current meta attacks, and also help you to make changes to your current bases.

Yeti smash

This is one of the most popular and easiest attacks to preform. Yeti smash gets value from key defenses being in path of yetis. So the key to defending this meta attack at Th13 is value spread. There are hot fixes you can use, but it will make you weak to other attacks. 

Take a look at the base below

Examine the spread in yellow, and how yetis path and earthquake spells and jumps may be used.

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

In any direction, you can only open up so much of the base with jump and earthquake spells. 

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

The above is an illustration of important defense placement. If you have your power defenses in the core (defense=Blue X) and yeti smash comes in they gut the base because of the spell support they have. Rages and warden keep the attack alive.

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

For the rest of the base you have the light defenses and siege barracks with hogs and or RC will make light work of the back end.

Pathing troops

Another thing you can do is path troops. When an attacker drops all the yetis they then have minimal control on where the yetis go. This is the defenders time to path troops where they want them to go. Look at the base below and how the open ring around the yellow will do against yeti pathing.

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

Creating channels

These channels spread the base out, helping with value spread, and thus preventing the control of troop pathing. Channels work well with a section of the base that is compartmentalized. Using the base above if they attack through the channel (green and yellow) pathing is tough and they will have to use the spells like jumps and rages, before they get to the compartments and tough section of the base. If you attack through the white, your troops will never get into the yellow and just walk around them.

But too many channels also allow easy movement of troops in the base. Look at the two base designs below. Examine the differences: base 1 gets destroyed by yetis, while base 2 holds against yetis. 

Base 1

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

Base 2

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

After testing it I need to have less movement for troops. Building more compartments means attackers will have to use jump or quakes where you want them too. 

Hot fixes

Yetis thrive with rages and healers. Seeking Air mines in the core after the warden ability will kill the healers and stop the healing. 

Red air bomb stack deals 1488 damage to group of healers. Healers have 1600 health. Any air targeting defense can put the finishing touches on the healers. 

Air defenses out of the entrances of the yetis path can direct target the healers. Ground x-bows can help as well.


Lalo is a more base specific attack, but is really strong because the meta is ground and should defend attacks at Th13. The best thing for lalo is a good warden ability and kill squad (queen charge (qc), electrone, yetibomb, sui). Best defenses against the balloons are the town hall, scattershots, eagle, and archer queen. royal champion is nice too, but is more of an accessory . They put a strong hurting on attacking balloons. 

Town hall placement

First thing is to make sure the town hall is not walkable by the queen and not sui-able.

These walls prevent wall breakers from breaking in and make it difficult to funnel a queen into the base. If the town hall is an easy grab, then it allows the warden to be used on the rest of the base. Another thing to remind yourself about is: Where is the queen?

Queen placement

Compare the base above and the base below and then look at the queen placement. 

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

The queen here, is near the town hall and also close to the eagle. A queen charge will pick up the town hall and queen or queen and eagle. You should keep the town hall and the eagle separate from each other and the queen. 

Inferno tower placement

The next defense is the inferno tower. The multi inferno is good against balloons, and the single inferno is good against queen charge. Use this to help you know where to put single or multi. If you are being queen charged through a multi, make it single, and if balloons end on a single make it multi. 

Examine this base. Look for key defense spread and what type of inferno is where?

Much better spread of key defenses, and there are a lot of good defenses to grab at 6. Make it a single helps against queen charge and the balloons will have to path into the multi infernos. 

Splash defenses

Scattershots and Wizard towers are important because of the splash damage they can do. Make sure their attack range doesn’t have an air defense in range. You want wizard towers and scattershots to target the balloons and not the hounds. We can use the base above. Look for all the scatter shots and wizard towers. Notice that none of them have an air defense in its range. 

Lastly, play with defense pathing. Have balloons path away from splash damage. 

Hot fix

Red air bombs need to be placed 8 tiles from an air defense and out of hound pathing. Exceptions to this is if you know where hounds die. If hounds never make it to an air defense, you can place them there. Place them near wizard towers for extra splash. Keep them away from kill squads as defined above. 

Seeking air mines can be placed near air defenses to help kill hounds faster. 

Air x-bows help as well.


This is an extremely strong ground meta attack at Th13 and it is really annoying to defend. It’s creator, Lando Gaming said, “I wish I never shown the world this attack”. So hybrid is all about pathing and the L-shape. Hopefully after this you won’t be taking anymore of those. 

Pathing and spread dps are the best way to defend hybrid attacks. Keeping the scattershots away from each other and on different parts of the base are key to this. Here is an example of that. The key is the warden ability. Look at the two scattershots and see the spacing. A warden ability will only then cover 1 scattershot.

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

Blue  and yellow, are the different entrances or L’s for hybrid pathing. This means early warden ability and lots of base left. This type of sustained damage throughout the base means heals on every part of the base.

Hybrid pathing

Using the same picture let’s look at the pathing. The L-shapes are thick. By thick we mean wider than one heal spell. Following the yellow pathing, starting at the eagle. The base remains wide all the way through the first inferno. Focus now on defensive pathing. When hogs reach that the first inferno (following the yellow path) they keep going up into the tesla farm instead of crossing into the other inferno.

Here is the previous version to this base. Look for differences in scattershot placement and defense pathing. 

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

The defensive targeting troops move much easier through inferno compartments instead of around them. Also the attacker can warden through the scattershots and have a much easier time through the rest of the base. 

Hybrid Queen Charge

Next thing is taking care of the queen charge. Make sure the town hall is not walkable, and you block the necessary yetibomb value targets. If the queen charge or yetibomb can get the town hall or eagle, make sure they cut a small funnel or leaves a thick L for pathing. That will give you a chance to defend the hybrid. Again sustainable dps helps against queen charge. It won’t kill her, but it won’t make it easy. 

Hot Fix

Spring Traps are super important, if your base is getting tripled by hybrid, review the defenses until every spring picks up 3 hogs or 3 miners. You have 8 springs, and with 3 each that is 21 troops you got with the spring trap. Hybrid usually has about 32 troops, 16 and 16. 

Giant bombs are great. Try and keep them away from heal or warden zones. Place them between defenses. This will force heals where they don’t want to heal.

Multi infernos are important. They keep sustained dps on the troops.  Use multi infernos on the back end away from the queen charge to get maximum value.

Ground x-bows are nice too.

Drag clone

Really effective against anti 2 star designs. If you are getting tripled by drag clone, stop using anti 2 star designs. On a serious note, stopping the blimp and pathing is the good solution against drag clone. The attack needs to create pathing for the dragons. Using the blimp and electrone is great at cutting a deep funnel. Dragons are like miners, they attack any and every building, so pulling them out of the core of the base is easy to do if they don’t set a strong funnel.

Having 3 or 4 air defenses up after clone is a good sign you will defend. Make sure you keep them up and they are not easy to get with heroes. Here is a good base against dragons. Even thought there is good value here, it’s protected by the sweeper, and Sam. The blimp will never make it that deep and will not get much value.

Hot Fix

Seeking air mines in the core, away from warden ability will also thin out the dragons quickly. 

Single target infernos roast dragons.

Air skeletons for the blimp areas of your base. They help to distract the e-drag, while then giving your defenses more time to kill it.

Witch or archer cc.

Air x-bows are nice as well. 

Yetibomb or electrone

Yeti bomb has also been a popular alternative to electrone. It gets a lot of value from the yetimites, especially under rage. The main form of delivery is the battle blimp. It has low health so all you need to do is kill it before it reaches its destination. You can use unlureable seeking air mines, 2 for an instant kill, or 1 with help from other defenses. Another way is strong dps, like a tesla farm and an air defense. Although not popular currently, a hound with blimp will negate all current yetibomb stops, so placements of air defense is important.

So here are three examples of all the ways listed.

Defend Meta attacks on Th13

Hot fix

Move seeking air mines to kill yeti bomb. 

Drag bat and yeti bat

Dragbat has become a more nesh attack at th13, while yeti bat has gained some momentum . The meta attacks to defend is ground and single target infernos are back in business on Th13. However, this means you have less splash damage on the base if you run single target infernos. Most bases I see that get tripled are running 3 single infernos, or 3 or 4 ground xbows. The key to stopping bats is to have a spread of splash that also covers each other.

Let’s look at this illustration again.

If all your splash damage are in range or in the path of the dragons or yetis,  bats will just walk the edge, with no problem.

So if the splash damage is outside of the kill squad of dragons or yetis the attack falls apart quickly, because the bats will die quickly. 

Let’s examine a base to see the splash

Splash damage is marked in yellow. Do you notice a trend? Looks like we have a grouping of splash by the town hall and clan castle. Now we have a green line splitting the base into 4 quadrants. Q3 has a lot of splash while Q4 has zero. If this base was being tripled by dragbat or by yetibat, I would need to look into spreading out my splash damage. 

Another thing is wizard towers. They seem to be forgotten easily while building. Still set them up to cover inferno towers and have inferno towers cover wizard towers. If you place wizard towers on edges of bases, you also have to make sure it can’t be tanked by an ice golem. That will make bat attacks really easy. Last thing is the royal champion. She can run the edge of the base clearing out any wizard towers on the edge. So if you have this problem, look at skeleton traps, cannons and Tesla’s to kill her. Tesla’s have a high dps and will take her down quick, cannons survive her ability to keep attacking her, and a skeleton trap to stop her so she attacks individual skeletons. Also a ground bow can usually lock on to her and help add dps.

Hot Fix

Multi infernos are better at killing bats, so use multi infernos.

Protect the wizard towers on the edges.

Also spread splash damage.

Having air x-bows also help against bats and dragons. You might want/need a combo for both for yeti and bats.

This guide on how to build a base to defend meta attacks on Th13 was written by Damoose95. Damoose95 is part of the Champ Bases Pro Builders team, building the best professional war, trophy and CWL/ESL-style bases at an affordable price.

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