Get to Know Your New Clash Coach, eVe MAXI

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Introducing MAXI!

With Clash of Clans primed for another great year, what better time than now to spend learning from a pro player. Team captain of Tribe Gaming, eVe MAXI is your newest Clash school coach! We are excited to have him on the squad! 

Big Ambitions

MAXI started his Clash career back in 2015 when one of his friends told him to download the game. After spending time learning the game in casual clans, MAXI wanted a new challenge. So he posted on the Clash of Clans forums, looking for a competitive clan. The clan Lions Ascension found his post and welcomed him to the team. There he spent honing his skills and practicing in high level wars to become the best attacker he could be. Then one of the biggest competitive clans, eleVen Original, noticed his dedication and wanted MAXI on their roster.

The Pro Scene

Playing with eleVen Original really pushed MAXI’s skills to the limit. However MAXI is a hard worker, shown through his law studies outside of Clash. He was up to the challenge. His hard work in Clash paid off when Tribe Gaming noticed his success and recruited him for the first signed Clash of Clans Esports team. MAXI accepted and was ready for yet another challenge, Worlds 2019.

Tribe Gaming went on to finish fourth in the first World Championship. MAXI was a little disappointed but took it as a learning experience heading into the next one. MAXI went back to eleVen Original to compete in the TH12 Cup In December 2019. It took a lot of dedication, but eleVen Original eneded up winning the tournament! However, MAXI needed time off to focus on his law exams and he retired. Tribe ended up making the pre-qualifier for Worlds 2020 and they called MAXI back out of retirement. He helped bring Tribe to three qualifiers tripling at an impressive 50% rate while using many strategies including dragons, hogs, super witches, and lalo!

Future Plans

Unfortunately Tribe did not make it to Worlds 2020, missing out by ONE building in their last qualifier! MAXI was promoted to captain of Tribe Gaming when the team went their separate ways. He began to recruit players for the new Tribe roster and now they are ready to dominate the competition in 2021!

Coach MAXI

MAXI is excited to be your newest Clash School coach! He’s well-versed in many Clash strategies and knows what it takes to become pro. One of the tips he gave for anyone aspiring to be a pro is to join established, competitive clan families. Many clans need to fill their rosters of 15 for CWL. They are always looking to try out new players for additions. If you want to go pro, lead a clan, or just want to improve your Clash skills, definitely check out eVe MAXI’s coaching course. We’re thrilled to have him aboard!

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  • Dustin Metzger

    So Maxi shocked me!
    He’s so excited to explain to someone how the right attack tactics work. Massively great
    Also Maxi hat es einfach drauf geil! Ich habe in 30 Minuten so viel Lernen können das ich mir die letzten 6 Jahre echt sparen hätte können. Er hat meine sicht auf Clash of Clans komplett verändert. Ich bin dadurch ein deutlich sicherer und besserer Angreifer geworden!
    Ich danke dir so sehr, danke für deine Hilfe, danke das du mir das Game und vor allem erklären konntest wie genau ich zu Timen habe wie genau ich Anzugreifen habe! Heftig ich danke dir für Geile 30 Minuten!!!!! Jederzeit wieder!!!
    Der mann hat 6 Sterne verdient und nicht nur 5!!!!!!

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