Clash Royale Coach Gabriel RA, New Clash School Coach

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Welcome Gabriel RA!

We are super excited to announce the newest coach to Clash School, Gabriel RA! Coach Gabriel RA is a pro Clash Royale player representing Avidity Mobile. Gabriel started the game the moment it came out over 5 years ago so he is very experienced. He had been playing Clash of Clans and he heard about Clash Royale so he had to try it out.

Clash Royale ended up being so much fun for him and he quickly learned how to get better by participating in tournaments and climbing trophies. Now that he got to the pro scene he is so happy he began playing!

Experience in the Pro Scene

Gabriel’s favorite card to use is the night witch, where he currently uses it in a lava hound-miner deck in tournaments. Due to his skill, Gabirel’s been on a number of teams throughout his career, including Cream Real Betis. During his time with them, he got to travel to Mexico to compete for three months in the official Clash Royale League. Even though they came in second place, Gabriel had an amazing experience and it taught him a lot about the pro level.

Joining a Team for Leagues

When looking at teams to join, Gabriel says he pays attention to the way the members interact with each other and with the game. You win more when your team supports you. Gabriel also sees how many leagues they participate in. As your team enters more tournaments, you gain more experience in high pressure situations. You’ll be better prepared for the biggest stage as a result of this experience.

Gabriel’s Coaching Session

Check out coach Gabriel RA’s session if you want to win more matches in Clash Royale. Gabriel’s coaching is a valuable asset to any aspiring pro because of his vast knowledge of the game. Welcome to Clash School Gabriel RA!

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