Klaus 10 Zap LALO Attack First, Heroes later

10 Zap Lalo attack from Klaus in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, TH15 is the highest Town Hall level available, and it presents a considerable challenge for players who want to perform a successful attack. Klaus came out with a unique strategy to take down a base. He used 10 Zaps in his attack.

The 10 Zap attack involves using ten Lightning Spells to take out multiple key defenses, typically Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, Monolith or Rages towers which can be a significant obstacle for the Lalo troops troops or heroes. Once these defenses are eliminated, the rest of the attack force can move in and take out the remaining defenses more easily.

However, the 10 Zap attack requires careful planning and execution to be successful. The player needs to carefully identify the target defenses, plan the placement and timing of the Lightning Spells. Since this is quite a big commitment from spells, the rest of the attack must be flawless to take the advantage of the opening created by 10 Zap Spells.

Klaus followed up the Zaps with a blimp and then used Lalo and then heroes to finish off the base.

Overall, the 10 Zap attack is an effective strategy for TH15 attacks in Clash of Clans, but it requires skill and strategy to pull off successfully.


Lexnos is a well-known Clash of Clans content creator who has made a name for himself in the community through his informative and engaging gameplay videos. With his expertise in the game, Lexnos offers tips and strategies to help players improve their Clash of Clans skills. His content is not only educational but also entertaining, making it easy for viewers to follow along and learn.

Lexnos is primarily a live streamer, regularly streaming on Twitch. During his streams, he interacts with his fans, answering their questions and providing commentary on his gameplay. He has a friendly and engaging personality, which has helped him build a dedicated following in the Clash of Clans community.

In addition to his live streams, Lexnos also posts edited videos on his YouTube channel. These videos cover various topics related to Clash of Clans, such as base building, attacking strategies, and game updates.

Overall, Lexnos is a respected member of the Clash of Clans community, known for his expert gameplay, engaging content, and friendly personality.

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