NEW Apprentice Warden Troop in Clash of Clans

New Troop – Apprentice Warden

Apprentice Warden in Clash of Clans

Apprentice Warden is a new Dark Elixir Troop who’s available from Town Hall 13 onwards when you upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 10. 

As a student of the arcane who hopes to one day become a Grand Warden of his own Village, this young magister-in-the-making is a ground unit who shoots ranged attacks with his magical slingshot. While this knowledgeable neophyte has mastered many of Grand Wardens magical ministrations, he hasn’t quite learned how to fly like his scholastic sensei. Apprentice Warden does not have an Air Mode, but he can manage short bursts of elevation by easily being able to jump over and bypass Walls.  

And as admirable as this wee Warden has been in his academics, this Apprentice has yet to learn the Eternal Tome ability. However, Apprentice Warden has a magical Life Aura that buffs the hit points of the ground troops around him, but this aura does not stack with Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens. When multiple auras overlap, the strongest aura will always take priority.

Town HallLevelDPSAura HP increaseHPUpgrade timeUpgrade cost
13218526%16509D180K DE
14320028%180016D 18H315K DE
15421530%195017D 12H340K DE

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