10 Ice Golem and 10 Bat Spell attack at TH12

10 Ice Golem and 10 Bat Spell attack at TH12

Are you looking for a simple yet effective attack strategy for your TH12? Well look no further than this 10 Ice Golem and 10 Bat Spell attack at TH12. This attack starts off by deploying 10 witches with 10 ice golems along with your heroes and Siege Machines. The goal of the main push is to clear out as many splash defenses as possible.

The second phase of that attack involves using the 10 Bat Spell to clear out the rest of the base. The splash defenses such as Wizard Towers should be tanked by a Giant to make sure they don’t hit your bats. The bats will then finish off the base working alongside the main kill squad.

The 10 Ice Golem and 10 Bat Spell attack at TH12 is a simple yet effective attack strategy that you can master to get you those three star against TH12s.

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Sir Moose is a content creator within the Clash of Clans community. He has made a name for himself by providing high-quality gameplay videos and informative tutorials on various aspects of the game.

Sir Moose’s content is focused on providing tips and tricks for both new and experienced players of Clash of Clans. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including base building, attack strategies, and resource management.

One of the unique aspects of Sir Moose’s content is his ability to make complex strategies and concepts easily understandable for his audience. He breaks down each element of the game and explains how they work together to create a successful attack or defense.

He is also know for his Base Building skills.

Overall, Sir Moose’s dedication to providing high-quality content has made him a respected figure within the Clash of Clans community. His videos are both informative and entertaining, making him a go-to source for anyone looking to improve their game.

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