This step-by-step guide on how Clash School works will walk you through the whole process from the start of a coaching session to the finish. If you still have questions after following these steps, have look at Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact our Support Team if you still need more clarification after that.

How Clash School Works

On the Home Page

Hover with your mouse pointer over the Coaching tab to begin with. This will then open up a drop-down menu where you can select your device. I went with Mobile, which opened up another drop down menu, where I chose Clash of Clans. Alternatively, scroll down until you see FIND A COACH. Select SEE MORE if you do not see the game you would like to be coached in.

How Clash School works - home page.
Use the Coaching tab or alternatively scroll down and choose your game here.

On the Game Page

At the top of the page you will see the game you have chosen. Scroll down to see a list of all the Coaches available in this game. Here you will see what their rates are and if there are any current promotions.

How Clash School works - browse through the coaches.
Scroll down to see the available Coaches.

Choosing your Coach

Each Coach has three tabs underneath his/her picture: Description, Additional Information and Reviews. This is to give you as much information about the coach as possible to help you decide which one is best for you. When you select Choose an Option, you can choose what type of lesson the Coach should give you. Seeing that I initially started with Clash of Clans, I continued on this course, and chose a 60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Cpt_N3m0 for Clash of Clans.

How Clash School Works - Choosing a coach
Select Choose an Option to choose what lesson the Coach will give, then select ADD TO CART.

Your Cart

Check your cart and make sure that all the items you have chosen is shown there. When you are happy with the items in your Cart, select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Checkout / Billing Details

Be sure to fill in ALL your details on the Checkout Page. We will never share your personal information with anyone, other than your email address with the coach. If you have coupon, you can enter your code in here. Additional Information is optional, but we do recommend that you leave a note for your coach. This way he/she will have an idea what you expect from the coaching lesson. Select PROCEED TO PAYPAL once you have all the fields filled and are sure that everything is correct. From here you will be directed to the PayPal Log In page, where you can take care of the payment.

Order Details

Once payment is complete, you will get a summary of your order details as well as your billing address. Now that you have done everything on the site, go check your e-mail.

The E-mails we will send

You will initially receive two emails. One to let you know that your coach has been contacted and informed about your pending lesson. Reply to this email to let your coach know more about what you expect from the coaching session, if you want to. It is not necessary though, you will meet your coach very soon! The second email confirms your order, with all the details you have entered. This is for your information/records only.

Start Session Now!

Your Coach has 24 hours to accept your order. Once the coach accepts the order we will send you a third email. This email will inform you that the session has started and give you the invite link to the training channels in the Clash School Discord Server.

Join the Clash School Discord Server from here.

Join the server and say hi to your coach!

You and your coach will have your own dedicated channels where you can discuss arrangements for your session. The coaching session will take place here as well. If you are unsure how to use Discord, please refer to How to use Discord for One on One Coaching Sessions.

Discuss your coaching session with your coach here.

The coach will mark the order as completed when it is over. The channels will then be removed from the server and you will receive a final email informing you that the session is over.

The order is now completed.

The End on How Clash School Works… Or is it?

You had your session and your coach has given you some new insights into your game, be it with tips and tricks and/or new strategies. You now have to practice what you were taught and have fun doing it. Be sure to thank your coach by coming back to the website and writing him/her a review.

Please leave a review for your coach.

If you still feel unsure about how Clash School works, please contact our Support Team to assist you.