60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach ECHO


60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach ECHO

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Clash of Clans Esports Caster for ESL – Full Time Content Creator

Time Zone

(GMT-11:00) Pacific, Midway


🕛Every day of the week, custom times set up between client and myself.


📌 Full time YouTube content creator and streamer

📌 Community Manager for Spacestation Gaming Clash of Clans Esports

📌 Casted the following Clash of Clans events:

🟡 CWL Clash of Clans Poland
🟡 ESL Mobile Open California
🟡 Pubg Mobile PWK Event

About Me


Thank you for visiting Clash School and checking out my profile. My name is ECHO and have been creating content on YouTube since June 2016. During that time I have primarily created content focused on mobile gaming, specifically Clash of Clans.

📌 How does a session work? – When you place an order you will be given a private channel on Clash School Discord server (check your email for the link). We will discuss what you would like to work on and schedule a time that works best for you and me.

📌 What coaching do I provide?
– For Clash of Clans, I will discuss with you what your area of concern / focus is. From there I will put together a session with that focus breaking down how to see the most success with that strategy. We will be able to discuss via Discord voice as well as watch one another attack and show replay examples for the most value from the lesson.

– For YouTube and general influencer Branding and stream setup, I will help you understand the equipment you will need to get started on the platform of your choice as well as the expectations you can have moving forward in the venture. Of course the session will begin with me understanding the information your are seeking so I can best provide you with knowledge that you find valuable. Some of the services within this area I provide include but are not limited to: Channel reviews, video / stream set up guides, content focus plans, strategic growth plans, networking plans, editing tips and tricks etc.

📌 What is an example of a typical session?
– Once you place an order we will go to Discord to discuss what you would like to work on and setup a time. When we have figured out a time that works for both of us, we will jump on voice and begin.
– For Clash of Clans you and I will join a clan together and run friendly challenges together to practice the topic of the session. I will be sharing my screen with you and explaining from my perspective to further your understanding of the topic.
– For YouTube, stream or Branding coaching we will meet in a Discord room and share screens together. At some points in the call I may want you to see my screen and if we are looking at settings of your software, I may need to see yours. We will have a comprehensive call where I will ensure that I address your concerns and questions in depth.

📌 What happens after the session is over?
– Once the session concludes, our private chat in the Clash School will be archived but you will still be able to post there so I can stay up to date on your progress. Feel free to post screenshots of how you are doing so if you ever want to do another session you can continue to improve.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Discord (ECHO | YouTube#3609) and I can clear up any questions.

I look forward to speaking to you soon,


Additional information


Streaming Setup, Twitch Branding, YouTube Branding



1 review for 60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach ECHO

  1. Chad Fritts (verified owner)

    If you think to yourself that a 30-minute call is “Short” about a channel review, you’re certainly wrong. During our session, we didn’t bother about time as we spoke for over 40 minutes detailing what I’m doing right as a channel, what I need to improve, what equipment I need to upgrade, and what style he recommends my approach to be from his perspective. As an “Auto Battler” Youtuber, I wanted to get into the Esports scene either becoming a caster or player, without missing a beat, we share screens and we go over a game that fits my niche which is Dota Underlords. he did specify that the game is struggling to get views/popularity issues, but it’ll be a great time to dip my toe into the world of Esports.
    -We also talked about the consistencies with live streaming and video performance and the topic of making streams unlisted to not clog up my viewers/potential subscribers with dead live streams.
    -I also thought about $45 is a little too much for a 30-minute call, but I thought later on how much I learned and the amount of knowledge he has even coming into this call was the best investment I could have made.
    -I’m just being 100% honest when saying that I enjoyed this call a lot. We had a great conversation about what I paid to do and hope to check in with him in the next couple of months.
    The reason why I picked Echo out of all other creators on the platform is for the reason of his community support over Clash of Clans and relationship with ESL, two things that I need to grow as a creator. Thank you so much Clash School this.

    • Ice Queen

      Hey Spooby! Thank you for leaving a review! I can see you thoroughly enjoyed your session with Coach Echo! Please keep us up to date with your progress into the Esports scene and how your channel is doing!

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