60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Cpt_N3m0

60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Cpt_N3m0





Clash of Clans Coach, Content Creator, Technology Expert

Time Zone

(GMT-11:00) Pacific, Midway


Weekdays: 6 pm to 12 amWeekends: 9 am to 12 am


Youtuber, Pro Player, Clan Family Leader, Community Owner, Tech Guru, Clash of Clans Addict

About Me

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Folks! My name is Cpt_N3m0. I have been playing Clash of Clans for over 6 years. I Lead a Clan Family with over 5 Clans. I have 14 accounts in every Town Hall Level. I play in multiple Clans and Pro Leagues. I have a Youtube Channel that focuses on Clash of Clans strategy. From War Attacks, Base-Building, Farming, Clan strategy and more. If you need advice on your base, attacks, Clan development, Youtube or Technology…I am your man. If you want to know how to improve your war attacks, learn how to base build, get better at trap placement, improve your farming, learn how to make and develop a successful Clan….I am your coach. If you are interested in starting a Youtube Channel, I can help you as well. From expectations, work ethic, editing, recording, thumbnail making, commentating, pro league rules, equipment setup and SEO…..Im the one for you. I am very skilled in all mobile and computer technologies. I can help you with any software setup, troubleshoot problems and even full gaming PC building. I am a Clasher, a Youtuber, a Techie, and your next Coach! So what are you waiting for!? Order a lesson and let’s get started! I can not wait to help you!

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Clash of Clans, YouTube Branding


Russian, English


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