30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach FullFrontage


30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach FullFrontage

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Title FullFrontage
Time Zone (GMT-05:00) America, New York
Availability Monday – Friday: 10am ET- 5pm ET (times can vary)
Achievements – Team Liquid Academy Coach/Manager
– Coached Surgical Goblin at the start of his career in 2016-2017
– Coached Oxalate (CCGS NA Spring 2017 Champion), Atchiin (CCGS LATAM Spring 2017 Champion) and Donkey Kong (CCGS EU Spring 2017 3rd Place)
About Me

Thank you for checking out Clash School. My name is FullFrontage. I love analyzing and breaking down situations in game-play. One of my favorite things about Clash Royale is learning different timings and placements to counter certain cards and defend against on coming pushes. My goal as a coach is to help players become mechanically better at the game!


📌 How does a session work?

– When you place an order you will be given a private channel on Clash School Discord server (check your email for the link). We will then discuss what you would like to work on and schedule a time that works best for you and me.


📌 What coaching do I provide?

 Clash Royale


📌 What is an example of a typical session?

– Once you place an order we will go to Discord to discuss what you would like to work on and setup a time. Then, once it’s time for our session we will get on voice together.


📌 What happens after the session is over?

– Once the session concludes, our private chat in the Clash School will be archived but you will still be able to post there so I can stay up to date on your progress. Feel free to post screenshots of how you are doing so if you ever want to do another session you can continue to improve.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Discord and I can clear up any questions.

Hope to hear from you soon,



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