60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Big Vale

60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Big Vale

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Big Vale

Time Zone

(GMT-11:00) Pacific, Midway


? Monday to Friday between 5pm GMT and 11pm GMT
? Saturday and Sunday from 11am GMT to 4pm GMT

*Bookings will be agreed on an individual basis*


?Partnered Youtuber
?Team Captain for WargMongers 5v5 team
?Content creator for Clash Champs
?Signed content creator for Bushido Esports
?Casted/played in the following Clash of Clans tournaments:
Big Vale Invitational
Global Clash Cup
Miner League Clan Wars
EYG Open
Champions War League
Mythical War League
Golden Hearts Cup
Vertex Cup
and many more…

About Me

Hey guys!

First of all, thank you for visiting my Clash School profile. My name is Big Vale and I’ve been playing Clash of Clans since December 2012. Throughout my time as a player, I’ve experienced all that the game has to offer, from trophy pushing (ranked #1 in the UK for multiple seasons in 2015) and competitive clan wars (2020-present) to casting and hosting some of the best tournaments in Clash of Clans Esports. I have also branched out into YouTube content creation which is where I’ve found a real passion for creating attack guides to help you, the Clash of Clans community, be the best that you can be!

?How does a session work?
When you book a session, you will be given a private channel in the Clash School Discord server (server link will be emailed to you). From there, we will discuss what you would like to be coached on and agree a date and time for the session.

?What can I coach you on?
I am extremely flexible with a great depth of knowledge and experience in Clash of Clans so I am happy to follow your lead however I would definitely recommend focussing the session on base identification (how to break down a base & understand weaknesses) and attack strategies.

I focus primarily on TH15 gameplay however do have a TH9, TH10, TH13 and TH14 as well so can be flexible.

I love to teach meta attacks, whether it be using Super Bowlers, Super Dragons, Hogs or Loons, it doesn’t matter to me as I have a huge wealth of knowledge across almost every attack strategy and can’t wait to transfer this to you!

? How does a typical session work?
At the agreed session time, we will meet in a clan (I can come to you or we could go somewhere neutral) and hop on the voice channel in discord. We’ll have a quick chat to get to know a little about each other for the first few minutes and then we’ll get into some friendly challenges to help you to learn in a tangible way what I am teaching you. If needed, I can also share my screen to map out what i’m talking about (you’ll see me do this regularly in my YouTube attack guides).

?What happens after the session?
Once our session is over, the voice and text channel will be archived in the Clash School Discord server however I would still LOVE for you to keep me updated on your progress in there! This not only helps me to see how the session has improved your gameplay but it will also mean that I’m familiar with your progress should you decide to book another session with me.

Check me out at www.youtube.com/c/bigvale

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21 reviews for 60 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Big Vale

  1. David Rad (verified owner)

    His teaching methods are great. Very clear and understandable.
    Always explain with the intent to help you understand the strategies. he helped me with multiple strategies( Air and ground).
    And also he is a calm and thoughtful master who really cares about your progress.

  2. Jean-Paul Cazayoux (verified owner)

    I’ve been a supporter of Big Vale for a few years, and for the last year or so I’ve had the pleasure of calling him my clanmate. He gave me lots of good pointers on Zap Titan smash and was able to help me three star a couple bases quite easily, which I was not able to do before my session with him. I can guarantee that having BV as a coach is something you will not regret!

  3. Michael Hurley (verified owner)

    This was a lot of fun! Big Vale is a great coach. We spent our time diving into one strategy, and I walked away with multiple things to help me improve. We also talked about how a couple of different ways to approach practicing each day to make the most of my limited time and be intentional about getting better. I’d recommend Big Vale to anyone wanting to improve and gain more confidence with the game.

  4. Wayne Jarvis (verified owner)

    Big Vale is a great teacher, both in his videos and in person. He was extremely patient with this slow learning student and he was very generous with his time. I’m looking forward to another session with him next week.

  5. Eric Middleton (verified owner)

    I had my first coaching session with Big Vale today and I have to say it was fantastic. I learned so many new things such as game mechanics I didn’t know existed, how to use specific troop combinations to gain advantage over heros, defenses, etc. Not only did I learn a ton of new information but he also helped me to develop some rigor around timing, base analysis for best attack approach and how to better read troop pathing. The improvement from that time we started to the end of the sessions was amazing. Tangible results in 60 minutes. I am going to practice what I learned this first session and then do another to fine tune some more. He also stayed longer than the 60 minutes to ensure that I was grasping the lesson that much more. After all that he still had time for a question or two. I highly recommend Big Vale if you are looking for coaching (I am a th15 in Legend League). It’s not like this my first time playing the game LoL. I highly recommend Big Vale and will seeing him again soon in the coming week. If you want to improve add him to your team!

  6. David Sar (verified owner)

    Big Vale was amazing. Helped give guidance on many different styles of bases. Really helped with base identification and fine details to ensure good attacks.

  7. Robert Becker (verified owner)

    My favorite coach hands down. For me it’s the little details he sees that helps me up my game. I wish I could practice with him every weekend. I will be doing another session sooner than later. Thanks again Big Vale

  8. Larry Harsh (verified owner)

    What an experience! Big Vale is vary knowledgeable in various different attack strategies and is more than welcome to go above and beyond to help! Highly recommended!

  9. Blaze (verified owner)

    Coach Big Vale was amazing. He didn’t mind going over a bit to help me fully understand what we discussed and to make sure I was comfortable with everything being shown to me. I think my attacks have improved quite a bit just from having his help. He was very nice and explained everything in a way that helped me understand the concepts.

  10. mcglynnjerry@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Big Vale was great. he gave me some items to review before the session. During the session he was patient and explained what I needed to do, and even showed me some settings in the setup area that is making my attacks more consistent. I highly recommend Big Vale.

  11. Jason Harmon (verified owner)

    I could not be more satisfied with the coaching I received from Big Vale. He let me choose the attack strategy I wanted to work on, and was very patient with me even though I was not doing very well. He very clearly explained the things that I was doing wrong and provided remedies to fix them. Nothing gets better overnight, but big vale definitely put me on the right path. Thank you!

  12. Wynnfrith (verified owner)

    Big Vale’s tutoring sessions are LEGIT.
    The whole experience from beginning to end was 10/10+

    Coach Vale is professional, accommodating and flexible with scheduling lessons. On a personal level, he’s kind, patient, encouraging, fun, and clearly explained things in a way that a noob like me could understand.

    He went above and beyond what I expected. He even came to my clan and helped me plan my current Cwl attack and is still helping me plan for the next rounds!

    Highly recommended 1000%
    Will definitely be scheduling more lessons!

  13. TJ.clash (verified owner)

    If you want to speed up building your attack skills, I highly recommend Big Vale. He has the patience and knowledge to make a coaching session well worth your while.

  14. Caleb Rawls (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with my private lesson with Big Vale. He made the whole thing easy and fun. He was patient with my errors and keen to help me improve where I wanted to AND where I needed to. We went over the allotted time and he was very gracious about it and even offered to answer questions I may have as I try to implement what he taught me. Very kind and helpful guy.

  15. Robert Becker (verified owner)

    I kind of forgot to write this review but Vale is great. He makes it easy to understand on how to use the attack. He’s probably my top 3 out of the others I’ve done. I will be using him again soon. Thanks again mate. Take care

  16. Scar (verified owner)

    Big vale is amazing and helped me a lot with base identification and hybrid much appreciated and definitely recommend big vale’s session

  17. Mike Keeley (verified owner)

    Big Vale was exemplary. It is difficult to imagine a coach so clear and encouraging with his feedback. Furthermore scheduling was very easy with Big Vale! He is easygoing, a very good communicator and a great judge of what sort of improvements could be made. He went over time, too, in no small part due to his love of the game and his diligence in wanting to see the feedback put into action. I will be back for future sessions with BV who truly is OP.

  18. Robert Becker (verified owner)

    This was easily the best session I had on clash school. Big vale took his time and went through qc lalo step by step for me. He rewatched every video and told me where I can improve. I wish I had all day to play clash with him. He really wants you do better in this game. I will be doing another session sooner than later. Thanks again Big Vale

  19. Richard Woodhouse (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with this session. Big Vale made it really easy from the initial contact to helping me connect to the session. He covered everything I requested and when complete I feel much more confident in the attack I wish to master.
    Thank you Big Vale a great teacher.

  20. Chris Gibson (verified owner)

    Great format, well structured lesson from big vale and he didn’t mind going over his time. I went away with plenty to practice on I’d definitely use this again for a follow up and highly recommended it to anyone who wants to improve their game.

  21. Richard Burris (verified owner)

    Coach Big Vale was great! He even went over time a bit because he really wanted to make sure I was getting it. I went to him to look at another attack strategy for wars to get me over the hump, and something that I could bring to my clan to help the rest of my clan members. He took the time to ask what I was thinking and explain what he was thinking. He was super patient and allowed me to keep trying even though I was failing miserably for the first little bit LOL. Nice guy and think anyone would benefit from a class with him. Happy to be his first review!

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