30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach BuMm_coc


30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach BuMm_coc

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Clash of Clans Pro Player

Time Zone

(GMT-11:00) Pacific, Midway


Currently evenings and weekends but can be flexibel


World Champion 2020 with ATN.aTTaX
First Golden Ticket Winner 2020&2021
Clash Warm-Up Winner 2021
ESL Europe&Mena Champion 2020 and 2021
ESL Meisterschaft(German) Champion Season 1&2&3&4
4th Place in World Championships 2019 with Tribe Gaming

and Many more

About Me

Hello Guys!

My Name is BuMm and I am playing Clash of Clans for over 7 Years!
I am a Professional Clash of Clans Player and Captain for STRUT and my Team is the **World Champion** of 2020.
Not only did we win the World Championships but we are also the current European&German Champion!
In order to become one of the best in the World you need to be an all-Rounder:
Precise Execution in Attacks, Creative Ideas in Basebuilding, Versatility in Army Strategies and alot more….
The Skills and Knowledge which i accumulated during the last couple of Years is what I can provide you in my lessons!
If you want to be successful in the E-Sport Scene, be a Top Global Legend League Player or just become a better Clash of Clans Player, I will give my best to help you achieve your Goals!
My lessons are specialized on Qc Lalo and Blizzard Lalo but not only limited to that!

Available Languages: English, German and Korean

Hope to meet you very soon,

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    Clash of Clans


    German, English

    20 reviews for 30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach BuMm_coc

    1. ScarlettFrenZe (verified owner)

      Amazing player as well as an amazing coach. My session today was about advanced bliz lalo for legends push. Bumm gave awesome new insights on how to approach bases and pointed out small mistakes and details I missed (and never even thought of before). He gave extra few minutes too which helped out a lot so the advices can be fully given. Definitely get a session if you’re thinking about it. Whether you’re just started learning or trying to grasp the more advanced tips n tricks 🔥💪

    2. Brady Burns (verified owner)

      BuMm was super helpful and through my attacks prior to the lesson, helped me figure out exactly what I need to work on and exactly how to work on it and practice it. He gave me insight into why I should do different things such as specific wall breaks so that I can keep my queen safer during my queen charge and always explained everything fully and answered any questions I had. I definitely recommend taking a lesson with BuMm it’s incredible value for your money and you will learn at least a few new things and improve your attacks!

    3. CountBurz (verified owner)

      Wow! That Lesson was awesome. I thought I had the strategies im using perfected but Bumm helped me see the small errors I make, both planning and execution improved from a 30 minute lesson. Think he’s teaching works really great both for new and experianced players. Will for sure book a next session.

    4. Mark Uncle (verified owner)

      BuMm went above and beyond, providing an attack strategy that is now my main, base advice and tons of expertise and encouragement.

    5. Light Prince (verified owner)

      BuMm did an amazing job of cleaning up my qc drag rider hit. Offered great perspective on the LL variation. Great teacher and very humble guy!

    6. lkwai86 (verified owner)

      Had an amazing lesson with BuMm. He is not only a great player but also a great coach. The session was very personalised where he analysed my thought process on base breakdowns as well as my attacks, and then shared key details on how to make it better. It’s all the small details which makes the difference. Would highly recommend BuMm. Thanks and kudos to ClashSchool and the team!

    7. Artur Urbaniak (verified owner)

      Lesson with Bumm is awesome. I learned a lot from him about blizzard laloo strategy. I so recommend Bumm’s coaching. Thanks a lot! 🙂

    8. MrMirafzal (verified owner)

      A session with BuMm was amazing but fast, To tell the truth in 30 minutes learning and being professional in one strategy is too difficult (or maybe I am a slow learner🙈). Therefore I recommend taking 2 sessions at one time.
      It is useless just attacking hundred times a day without understanding where you are making mistake. Despite that BuMm added additional time for the lesson I couldn’t be good enough in a blizzard lava loon. Fortunately, I recorded the session now watching and practicing what he said. I firmly believe that in soon future I also can smash bases like BuMm 🔥

    9. Philipp (verified owner)

      For me (playing 5 years COC / QC Hybrid) the lesson was really helpful to learn Pekka Smash. In 30 min BuMm analyzed my attacks and gave me important tips to improve my Skills.

    10. Robert (verified owner)

      I’ve done other sessions with other coaches but with him it just next lvl. 30 mins with him got me to understand pekka smash and how to approach a base. I will be getting another session soon. Thanks again your the best.

    11. TopSlayer (verified owner)

      I took a lesson on blizzard lalo this morning from Bum. 30 min is really short, but his teaching gave me the perfect guidance on how to plan my attack for each step. I am very terrible on lalo, but now I have very clear idea how to attack, what’s important matter on each step. Also, very luckily he let me know how to upgrade and farm on the new th14. I really recommend to do lessons with Bumm for all level players. Thanks and See you soon Bum~~

    12. Lucy (verified owner)

      Excellent teacher! Has great insight on LaLo and overall really helped me grow as a player. Would definitely reccomend!

    13. OhNoStormy? (verified owner)

      It was a amazing session with Bumm Really needed a third eye on where to improve and he delivered he tried to help me to his best ability and even spent extra time with me on VC helped me in many ways and I really enjoyed the session! Highly would suggest to anyone

    14. Bobby Jones (verified owner)

      Highly recommend a session to get in the mind of one of the best. My hybrid is now more refined and my base recognition is better than it was.

    15. EdgarHonorFace (verified owner)

      I had the opportunity to take two sessions with BuMm, one individual to improve my lalo and one with my team to talk about the dynamics in the 5 v 5 wars. Both sessions were very fun and very helpful. BuMm is an excellent guy who wants to help and, above all, have the best intention to share his knowledge with you. I definitely think this session is worth taking. BuMm OP

    16. Kirk Johnson (verified owner)

      Bumm and I broke it up into 2 sessions about a week apart. Was appreciated that he reached out before the sessions to gauge what skill level I was at. Could tell he was unsure of what to focus on in our first session but he was kind enough to stay on voice a bit longer to make sure I got my moneys worth. Was good to break down bases with him so that he could build upon my current approach to strategizing for bases. I encourage him to do what we did in the second session as it appeared a bit more productive and focused; at least for people who already have experience in the competitive scene. I also appreciated the insight he gave into becoming a better player or what to focus on. Again, much thanks to Bumm for his time and efforts.

    17. Stephen Foster (verified owner)

      Bumm is amazing. I have some skill and competitive experience but being able to peek inside his brain will really help me grow beyond what was previously possible. He is sharp and friendly and no one knows the game better. If you are relatively new or one of the best you can achieve a higher level with his help.

    18. ansel.chang@yahoo.com (verified owner)

      This was a phenomenal lesson. My team (Brian Fan Club), ordered an hour group lesson with Bumm hoping to improve in competitive play. In addition to invaluable advice for the esports scene and working as a team, we went through some ESLM bases to break down, going through different plans and discussing when to choose one over the other. Personally, I found his tips very helpful, and we as a team have had discussions on what we need to work on based on the lesson moving forward. BuMm even overstayed the lesson and helped us for another half-hour, which I’m very grateful for. I am definitely coming back for more – a worthwhile investment for goals of Poland and beyond 🙂

      • Agester

        Thank you Ansel for the phenomenal review! We’ll be sure to let him know how much he has helped your team. Good luck to you and your team this year!

    19. Christian Schneider (verified owner)

      It was very nice. He helped me really a lot with lalo and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely buy some more lessons soon!

      • Agester

        Thats awesome Christian! Let us know how your attacks go and looking forward to seeing you again!


    20. Tom Broers (verified owner)

      He is an awesome coach. He really tried to help me and did. Since then I saw a growth in my LL score

      • Agester

        Thank you Tom for leaving an awesome review! We’ll be sure to let BuMm know! Cheers mate

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