30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach LadyB


30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach LadyB

$45.00 $35.00



Title Clash of Clans Content Creator / Streamer / Clasher
Time Zone (GMT-05:00) America, New York
Availability Tuesday – Friday | 7pm – 9pm EST
Saturday & Sunday | upon request – based on stream/war schedules
Achievements 🏅 Partnered Streamer – Twitch (2018)

🏆 Player – Clash of Clans TH12 LIVE Event | Cologne, Germany (2018)

🏅 Caster – Dreamhack Montreal – Clash of Clans (2019)

🏆 Featured Influencer – Amazon Streaming IRL Series: Clash of Clans Community Stars (2019)

About Me

Thank you for checking out Clash School. My name is LadyB.

I was a player for the Clash of Clans LIVE TH12 War in 2018, which showcased the new TH12 mode and siege machines. I casted live at Dreamhack in Montreal with Carbonfin in September 2019 and was featured in the Amazon Streaming IRL – Clash of Clans Community Stars episode in December 2019 – which was filmed during my time out at the Clash of Clans World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

Currently, I am on the ESL Official Streamer list for the World Championship Qualifiers and TownHall Cups Series as well as a member of the Supercell Content Creator’s team. You will see me continuing to stream high caliber, competitive eSports wars as well as attacking during my own league wars!


📌 How does a session work?

– When you place an order you will be given a private channel on Clash School Discord server (check your email for the link). We will then discuss what you would like to work on and schedule a time that works best for you and me.


📌 What coaching do I provide?

– As a partnered Clash of Clans Streamer on Twitch, I can lend my years of experience and knowledge to building a brand and growing a channel as well as my knowledge of Clash of Clans gameplay and attack strategies for varying town hall levels. During my time in streaming I have been focused on both my personal competitive gameplay, including playing in eleVen Original, and streaming for the best and most talented players and clans from around the world, such as Tribe Gaming, INTZ, MCES, J’Off and more. I formerly hosted a weekly live Twitch Series, called Sunday Night School of CoC to help breakdown common 3-star attack strats and components with viewers and promote practice and learning through friendly challenges.


📌 What is an example of a typical session?

– Once you place an order we will go to Discord to discuss what you would like to work on and setup a time. Then, once it’s time for our session we will get on voice together.

– For CoC, we will join the same clan and then run through friendly challenges to help you learn every point I’m explaining. I will also share my screen so you can see me drawing arrows and circles to help me illustrate my explanations.


📌 What happens after the session is over?

– Once the session concludes, our private chat in the Clash School will be archived but you will still be able to post there so I can stay up to date on your progress. Feel free to post screenshots of how you are doing so if you ever want to do another session you can continue to improve.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Discord and I can clear up any questions.

Hope to hear from you soon,



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