30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Portal

30 Minute Private Lesson with Coach Portal


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Brawl Stars Pro Player

Time Zone

(GMT-11:00) Pacific, Midway




🥇🇰🇷 Coach to the 2019 World Champions
🥈🇺🇸 Coach to Dreamhack Dallas’ Runners-Up

🥇🌎 Power Play World Record Holder
🥇🇪🇸 Queso Cup
🥈🇩🇪 ESL Red Bull MEO Worlds
🥈🇨🇦 Overall Winnings for NA Opens

⭐ Ex-Pro Player for Chivo Sports Club
⭐ Ex-Coach, Captain, & Pro Player for Nova Esports
⭐ Tier List Manager for KairosTime Gaming

About Me

I know what you’re thinking. “Where can I sign-up?” But before you do, let me tell you EXACTLY what you’re in for.

By clicking that button, you’re opening a portal to a world of possibilities. A world led by none other than one of the most experienced and most accomplished coaches in the known Brawlverse.

Whether you’re a self-scoring random or a mini Bugha in the making, I am going to reshape how you think about Brawl and take your game to the next level. From the basics of how to pass a ball to the complexities of applied linguistic relativity, I am your Brawl encyclopedia here to endow you with the knowledge of the Brawl gods.

Brawler presence, I gotchu. Dynamics of tempo, I gotchu. Comp theory, I gotchu. If you want to up your game, you’ve come to the right place. I will customize exercises that will get you absolutely shredded in Brawl and teach you the strategies that will make your opposition think you’re a brawldamn brastrophysicist.

Experience a spiritual awakening (of sorts), as we build in-game mindfulness and focus in ways you never knew possible. Allow yourself the chance to master your favourite mode, intelligently. Allow yourself the chance to connect with your cherished brawler, intimately. Allow yourself the chance to truly become the best player you can possibly be.

I have coached World Champs and will coach Champs-to-be. Now, for the first time, is YOUR chance.

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