80 Minute Private Lesson with Coach CarbonFin


80 Minute Private Lesson with Coach CarbonFin

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Clash of Clans Esports Caster for ESL / Supercell

Time Zone

(GMT-06:00) America, Chicago


– Monday: 11am EST – 6pm EST
– Tuesday: 11am EST – 6pm EST
– Wednesday: 11am EST – 6pm EST
– Thursday: 11am EST – 6pm EST
– Friday: 11am EST – 6pm EST
– Saturday: 11am EST – 6pm EST
– Sunday: 11am EST – 6pm EST

*Most preferred time is at 2pm EST during Weekdays


– 2020 Clash School Coach of the Year

– Signed content creator for Tribe Gaming

– Casted the following Clash of Clans events:
– Poland World Championship Qualifiers
– Germany World Championship Final 2019
– Helsinki World Championship Final 2022
– December Town Hall 12 Cup & Town Hall 13 Reveal
– ESL Mobile Open – Dreamhack Dallas
– ESL Mobile Open – ESL One New York
– ESL Mobile Open – Dreamhack Atlanta
– Dreamhack Montreal – Community Event
– x6 Playoff Broadcasts in Los Angeles
– x20 Online Official Clash of Clans Broadcasts

About Me


Thank you for checking out Clash School. My name is CarbonFin and I’ve been playing Clash of Clans since April 2014. I have been streaming on Twitch since January 2017 and started YouTube in August 2018. I have gained over 500,000 subscribers through 2 different YouTube channels and over 100,000 Followers on TikTok.

– How does a session work? – When you place an order you will be given a private channel on Clash School Discord server (check your email for the link). We will discuss what you would like to work on and schedule a time that works best for you and me.

– What coaching do I provide?
– For Clash of Clans, we can work on anything but I would suggest working on attack strategies and base breakdowns. The only thing I don’t offer is base building. That is something I’m working on. My main focus is always the highest Town Hall in the game but I also have 1 of every Town Hall level. I help teach meta ground strategies like hybrid, hogs, miners, yeti smash. I can also help teach air attacks like Sui Lalo and Queen Charge Lalo. If you are a new TH 13 or higher and struggle with Lalo I would suggest to work on some of these strategies: Dragons/Dragon Riders, Pekka Smash, and Hybrid (if you have experience with Queen Charges) . That will set you up for the most success.

– For YouTube and Twitch Branding and stream setup, I can help you identify what equipment you need, how to setup your channels and the best strategies on making titles, thumbnails and clickable videos. Also, I can help you setup your OBS and explain exactly how it works / helps stream and record.

– What is an example of a typical session?
– Once you place an order we will go to Discord to discuss what you would like to work on and setup a time. Then, once it’s time for our session we will get on voice together.
– For CoC, we will join the same clan and run through friendly challenges to help you learn every point I’m explaining. I will also share my screen so you can see me drawing arrows and circles to help me illustrate my explanations.
– For Branding and stream setup, we will get in a voice together and then use a program for me to see your computer. This way I can help show you exactly what you need to know and help you setup all the scenes and sources properly.

What happens after the session is over?
– Once the session concludes, our private chat in the Clash School will be archived but you will still be able to post there so I can stay up to date on your progress. Feel free to post screenshots of how you are doing so if you ever want to do another session you can continue to improve.

Hope to see you soon,

Additional information


Clash of Clans, Streaming Setup, Twitch Branding, YouTube Branding



33 reviews for 80 Minute Private Lesson with Coach CarbonFin

  1. jp123133 (verified owner)

    I learned so much from CarbonFin and the session was a ton of fun! He teaches you the fundamentals, has you practice over friendly challenges and shows you how he would do it himself. He’ll go over the little details that make a huge difference and gives you several tips to improve your game. Huge THANK YOU! CarbonFin, I hope many more players get to learn from you. All the best!

  2. Liron Dolev (verified owner)

    wow! i enjoyed our time together so much.
    carbon have the perfect combination between his knowldge and the teaching skills combine with a lot of pacient.
    with this leasson i understand that so many small adjusments to my attacks makes such a big differance on the result.
    this was first lesson, but i am 100% it is not the last.
    for me it felt like if your like football, it is a private lesson with ronaldo.
    can not wait for our next session.
    carbon, you should feel great, that you are making people to feel like that.

  3. Mike Kovh (verified owner)

    WOW! Getting 80 minutes of one on one time with one of the best COC players was awesome! CarbonFin is an excellent coach and even helped with some technical issues we had prior to starting the coaching session! If he can teach this old dog new tricks, I’m confident he can help anyone. The 80 minute session just flew by. I wish it could have been longer! Definitely great value for the money.

  4. CountBurz (verified owner)

    Carbon is such a nice guy! After I got over my nerves I learnt a lot from the session. Worked on my lalo for 80 minutes and time just flew by. Carbons coaching is really good, he’s in-depth knowledge of the game and his skills as a teacher really makes the perfect combination. He draws, talks and shows examples and I’m going to book more lessons. Thanks again for an awesome lesson!

  5. Edgar Torres (verified owner)

    It was an awesome experience to be able to chat and learn from a Pro like Carbon. His skills and availability to read a base and be able to display a full strategy on how to perform an attack is amazing. For sure will schedule my next season with Carbon. Thx Carbon for everything you do for the community of Clash of Clans!

  6. Michael Lyjak (verified owner)

    Carbonfin was amazing! Helped with my stream and instantly made it look better and helped me understand how to run things.

  7. Robert Becker (verified owner)

    The session me and carbon had was great. I learned so much in the first 15 minutes. Everything was clear and made it easy to understand what he was saying and actually watch you do attacks and let you know what you did wrong and helped you get better instantly. It was so helpful I would’ve paid more money. I will practice on everything he said and will have another session soon. Can’t wait for another session.

  8. John McDonnell (verified owner)

    Absolutely delighted with the session and Carbon is a fantastic tutor. Hadn’t a clue about hybrid before the session. Now I understand the fundamentals of the attack strategy broken down into simples steps, which is great. Carbon is so knowledgeable and breaks things down in a logical and structured way that is easy to understand. I have a lot of practice to do now,but I’ll definitely book another session once I get the hang of it. 5 stars.

  9. Dave Tottman (verified owner)

    Very patient with a noob like me.
    Approachable and explains himself very well. I will use again for sure

  10. Adam Fletcher (verified owner)

    Well thought out session and focused mainly on my main Lalo issues as well as some other tips and advice. Carbon is one of the best Lalo attackers and he made it comfortable and easy to digest. Great guy too even when he gets zero sleep ? ? keep up the content and thanks again. Adamantium

  11. Kuwai2 (verified owner)

    Very helpful
    Thanks for the lesson carbon It was excellent
    My first try was 52% after some try with carbon advice I get 3 stars during the lesson
    Really cool
    I’m happy with it and will practice with same advice and strategy which I leaned
    I will join it again with other attack strategy ballon lava


  12. CPaladino (verified owner)

    Carbon possesses all the attributes you look for in a Coach…knowledge…patience…skills…calm yet confident demeanor. I highly recommend a training session with Carbon if you are looking to vastly improve your COC skills. Went from 1 star attacks in Legends to consistent high percentage 2 star attacks immediately following the training session. The 3 stars will come as I can now confidently strategize and critique my own attacks for continuous improvement. Thanks to the great coaching I received from Carbon. Highly recommend and will not hesitate to return for a session when I am ready to move to the next level.

  13. jeff willey (verified owner)

    incredibly insightful, made sure that the topic at hand was thoroughly covered. It was well worth the money to learn how to be better at what I’m doing from someone at the top.

  14. Sherif HAGGAG (verified owner)

    It was a great session. Carbon is very understanding and patient. I gained lots of insights from this session. Immediately on the same day after the session, I managed to triple 2 bases, the rest 6 LL attacks were high % 2 stars and only 1 1 star. The previous LL logs were horrible, full of 1 stars and low % 2 stars. Of course, as Carbon mentioned, it will take some time to master the hybrid miner hogs, but I can certainly feel I am getting better. Definitely worth it!

  15. Alex van Lomwel (verified owner)

    Thanks for the lesson carbon. He is patient, professional and very clear with his teaching. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks again!

  16. Noe Charriez (verified owner)

    Carbon was very professional and informative. Worked on sui lalo and just from the session I’ve improved on what to look for. I’ve gone from being a total noob at sui lalo to actually getting high 2 stars and even a few triples in just 2 days. I’m sure with even more practice I’ll get it all the way. Worth every penny!

  17. Joshua Smith (verified owner)

    Met with carbon to improve my youtube channel and to overall pick his brain as a content creator over a variety of subjects. Incredibly nice guy, encouraging and had amazing insight. Definitely worth the investment!

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review Joshua! We are so glad that you enjoyed your session. Good luck with your youtube channel and keep us posted on how it is going.

  18. Colton Brown (verified owner)

    Was totally enlightened by the entire experience and couldn’t be anymore happy with how it went. It taught me a lot even though I’ve been playing the game since 2013! Ik big noob but was very polite and would answer any of my dumb questions that I would ask. Totally worth it in my opinion!

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review Colton! We are glad you enjoyed your lesson. Keep on practicing and let us know how it goes.

  19. Nick Buxton (verified owner)

    Really cool to get to have some real life play by plays and pointers from the master of hybrid himself. I was kinda nervous at first since it’s not every day you get to talk directly to someone whose videos you’ve watched daily for months but he’s a really relaxed and down to earth guy so the nerves didn’t last long.

    Anyway, I thought I was reasonably clued up on how to attack effectively but there are so many subtle things that I had no idea about that could turn my usual high % 2 star into a comfortable 3. Will definitely be practising what I’ve learnt and booking another session in a couple of weeks after CWL to check my progress and to learn something new. Would 100% recommend!

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review Nick! Looking forward to hear how your CWL went, we are glad you enjoyed your lesson. Keep us updated on how the practicing is going.

  20. Bryan Moore (verified owner)

    No question 5 star!! Carbons the best!!!!! Where to even start?! I think firstly – he can connect with you.. makes you feel comfortable enough to not be embarrassed no matter how good or bad you’re doing and i think thats most important for everyone to know – he doesnt judge. He just wants to honestly help you become better.. i was nervous at first trying to attack while he was watching but he immediately went into things i was doing right and that little bit made everything go so smooth. I wasnt afraid to ask him anything or act like i knew things i didnt because he was so open to helping and answering and you can tell he loves the game so much when he goes into answering and wanting to play/run attacks with you.. I could write a bunch more positive about him and the class but i think thats most important for people to know who are hesitant on clicking that checkout button. DO IT you wont regret it! Thanks Carbon and looking forward to the next one!

    • Ice Queen

      We are so happy you enjoyed your lesson, Bryan! Thank you for leaving a review. It is awesome that you were comfortable to discuss all you wanted with Coach CarbonFin, keep us updated on your progress and hope to see you soon.

  21. Sean McGregor (verified owner)

    Carbon is a great teacher who focuses on the little things of your attacks to help it improve . Through the breakdowns, challenges and extra time he spent with me, I’ve learned from the things that I have done wrong and how to break down and attack more efficiently. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to greatly improve their attacks to take Carbons lesson to help them realize and understand what they should be looking to do when attacking.

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, Sean! It is awesome to hear that Coach CarbonFin went the extra mile in helping you. we are so glad you enjoyed your lesson, keep us posted on your progress.

  22. Baton338 (verified owner)

    Carbon was great and helped a ton! I can now begin to visualize how to break down a base much better. Looking forward to more lessons in the future.

    • Ice Queen

      Hey Baton338! Thank you for leaving a review. We are glad you enjoyed your session. Base identification is key to improving your attacks, we hope to see you soon again.

  23. James McGauhey (verified owner)

    I don’t give out 5 stars to just be cute but Carbonfin is an excellent teacher/coach. I felt like I knew somewhat about what I was doing in my hybrid attacks but he pointed out many little things that when you add them up you will get a very high percentage 2 star and some 3 stars knowing why you got those stars and how. Funneling is still key for every attack, hybrid is no different. It is even more important. There are too many things to write what he went over with me but I would advise anyone thinking about paying for a session it is well worth it. So many little things he brought out that can make a game changer in a person no matter what his skill level is. Clear, concise and concrete. Just do it!

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, James! Getting expert advice and tips first hand are the best way to improve in anything. We are so glad you enjoyed your session. Good luck practicing and let us know how your hybrid attacks are improving!

  24. Frank Hines (verified owner)

    Carbon was great! He broke down attack strategies in a way that was so simple and has really helped me improve. I will definitely be having more sessions with him moving forward.

    • Ice Queen

      Hey Frank! Thank you for leaving a review! We are so glad you enjoyed your lesson! Keep us posted on your progress, and hope to see you back again soon!

  25. Joshua Weik (verified owner)

    Carbon is a top notch coach who goes over every detail with explanation as to why you do things in a certain way. He has really opened my eyes so that i can work on things that i did not notice before. If you want to up your game, he is your guy!

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, Joshua! We are so happy that Coach CarbonFin helped you improve your game. Keep practicing what he taught you and let us know how it goes.

  26. Reg Chew (verified owner)

    Not all coaching is alike. The coach has to make you comfortable and explain things to you in a way for YOU to understand it well. In these aspects, CarbonFin checks all the boxes. In well over an hour, he managed to impart some of his knowledge of the game to make me have that “Ahh Ha!!” Moment. I highly recommend anyone that wants to get a grip and understanding of the nuances of the game to take this opportunity to be enlightened.

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, Reg! We are so glad Coach CarbonFin helped you have your “Ahh Ha” moment! Keep us updated on how you are doing in your game and improvements you see after your session.

  27. Freddy Hochstetter (verified owner)

    CarbonFin has a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the game and is able to breakdown an attack into its main components taking into consideration army composition, setup, main attack and cleanup. We are able to discuss almost any composition and breakdown the attack to get to a point you will be comfortable with your attack.

    So no matter your current level, even at the highest levels of the game being able to focus on general attacks or specifics CarbonFin will help you take that jump to the next level.

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, Freddy. We are so glad you enjoyed your session with Coach CarbonFin! You are so right! Being comfortable with your attack is very important, keep practicing and let us know how you are progressing.

  28. Shamel Alabboush (verified owner)

    CarbonFin is went far and beyond and was extremely patient tutoring me. I’d avail his services over and over again. He showed in detail multiple times every single step and wow, I saw huge progress in just 10 minutes. Until I see you again Carbon, be safe and have a good day.

    • Ice Queen

      Hey Shamel! Thank you for leaving a review. We are so glad you enjoyed your session. Keep practicing what Coach Carbonfin has taught you and let us know how it’s going. Hope to see you back soon.

  29. Storm (verified owner)

    I can absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to get better, regardless of your level of play. Each session WILL make you a better player. Most importantly though, Carbon takes the time to support you. He clearly loves to transfer his knowledge and help players get better. It’s personal, engaging, genuine, enlightening and most of all…. fun.
    It was amazing and definitely not a one-off. Simply put: I’ve been figuring the game out for a couple of years now and learned from errors, tried different things, watched some videos… My first session saved me about 2 years of figuring stuff out… So if you want to get better, just book a session… or spend a few years figuring it out.

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for your review Storm! Getting expert help and tips from a pro, like Coach CarbonFin, will improve your game and save you time like you said. We are so glad that you enjoyed your session! Keep us updated on your progress and hope to see you again soon!

  30. Jacob McKinney (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied in the coaching session with Carbonfin. He was friendly, listened to my questions, showed me tips that I wasnt using before, talked strategy with me, helped me perfect my way of planning out a base, showed me his way of planning a base… just really took the time to help, and it has helped a lot. Thank Carbonfin. I look forward to future sessions.

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you, Jacob, for leaving a review! I am so glad you enjoyed your session with Coach Carbonfin! I am sure your future sessions with coach CarbonFin will be just as engaging and helpful as this one.

  31. Timothy James

    Very informative. We discussed concepts and timing in depth. We were able to practice more than 20 attacks with step by step play back and constructive advice. I enjoyed the lesson.

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, Timothy! Wow! More than 20 attacks in the session, that is awesome! So glad you enjoyed your lesson. Let us know how the practicing are going!

  32. Jared Mason (verified owner)

    Man where do I start? I was throughly impressed with CarbonFin’s professionalism and knowledge he is one of the best players in clash of clans right now and it’s a fantastic experience to listen and be taught by him! I think everyone should try this!! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

    • Ice Queen

      Hey, Jarod! Thank you for your 10 star review! We are so glad that you enjoyed your lesson. Let us know how your game has improved since your session.

  33. Jay (verified owner)

    Given a great insight into progressing as a Pro Player. Sessions are clear, practical and concise. CarbonFin has set me up to start looking at the value of taking the time to analyse the attack, based on the small decisions that need to be made. No more spam attacks that lead to 2 stars and lucky 3 stars, the aim is now to increase and maximize the % of 3s by understanding and practicing the small details, that makes a massive difference to the game.
    The session is one to one live training, and it doesn’t stop there, CarbonFin is also interested in your ongoing progress.
    CarbonFins YouTube videos are great, but if you truly want to improve, I recommend one of these sessions as he will dissect an attack so you master clashing!

    • Ice Queen

      Thank you for leaving a review, Jay! We’re so glad you enjoyed your session. It is awesome to hear that Coach CarbonFin is going the extra mile! Let us know how the practicing is going!

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